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Save money and improve financial stability 

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There are many ways that Aetna Funding Advantage and Aetna Whole Health can help your business save. You can save both now and in the future. And you can save time with Aetna’s simplified benefits administration and reporting. 

Savings and much more
With Aetna Funding Advantage and Aetna Whole Health, you make a single monthly payment that remains stable throughout the year. This payment is based on your employees’ claims experience rather than a community-based rating. And that can make a great difference for your company’s bottom line. It’s time you begin to enjoy the benefits of Aetna Funding Advantage, including:
  • Savings of up to 8 - 35% on monthly payments*
  • Over 33 flexible plan design options
  • A single monthly payment
  • Opportunity to get money back through shared claims surplus at renewal
  • Monthly reporting
  • Access to our digital benefits administration platform
Aetna Funding Advantage and Aetna Whole Health offers you the benefits of self-funding, with financial protection to manage risk. It’s an easy way to boost your company’s bottom line.

*Actual results may vary. Illustrated savings are calculated by comparing total costs for a self-funded Aetna Funding Advantage case with narrow network coverage and the premiums for Affordable Care Act fully insured small group case with broad network coverage (calculated January 2017). Not all groups meet the eligibility criteria for Aetna Funding Advantage, including underwriting requirements related to the stop loss insurance.

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Enjoy plan stability

Aetna Funding Advantage is similar to the self-funded plans traditionally offered to larger companies, but it was designed with your business in mind. So, you get the protection and simplicity your business needs. And more stability and control over your health care costs. 

The best part? When your employees' health care costs are lower than expected, you get back a percentage of your funds to apply to future costs. 

Experience a health insurance solution that's more predictable.

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Health insurance benefits. It’s one of the most important things you manage for the employees of your company. At Aetna, our mission is to empower people to live healthier. And our pledge to you is simple: You can count on us for health plans that help increase productivity while helping employees live healthier lives.

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